Let it flow

The element of Water

The essence of serenity, grace and harmony. Those associated with this element are calm, level-headed and kind. They might provide guidance to those seeking it or strive onwards to discover the answers to life’s greatest mysteries. The thirst for knowledge, leads to greater understanding and wisdom, rewarding those who seek it. A monk smiling at visitors to his temple, a sage pondering the stars as a student tugs at his robe, a scholar amid piles of books - oblivious to the world. 

Of course, the element of water evokes feels of relaxation - a bubbling brook, a still pond, raindrops on a tin roof. But this element can also represent transformation. As the river flows, so does time and with it comes inevitable change, just as a disturbance in a pond sends ripples out from its core. Those willing to accept this become the most resilient to this aspect of life, able to take it in stride and guide others to do the same. But a contrasting aspect is represented by the ocean. Chaotic, boundless and ungovernable. 

A bond with the essence of water gives one a certain strength - an unshakeable resolve, unwavering inner peace, and patience. Though life might throw many burdens, any obstacle can be overcome. A sharp stone in a river will eventually become smooth. A land mass will be softened and broken down until it falls. Time brings change, but change takes time. 

Water in Mythology

In nature and mythology, the element of water is an attribute of life as it is essential for many creatures to survive. In ancient Egypt, the river Nile was seen as the source of all life and connected to their most important myths.

Zodiac and Esoteric

Planet: Moon, Pluto, Neptune
Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Birthstone: Emerald, Beryl, Amethyst

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Water is most compatible with Earth. Giving it life and receiving stability and shelter in return.
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