Burn bright

The element of Fire

The essence of passion, desire, energy, and power, fire is often associated with extremes. A charismatic playboy, a strong leader, a fierce warrior, these can all be linked to the essence of fire. It can be a hungry rampaging beast, to be released as a forceful personality, or burning inside as a fierce inner strength. It can represent an insatiable desire, a furious rage, boundless energy, or raw power. But when carefully managed, fire is also the comforting feeling of warmth. It is the relaxing feeling of your worries melting away, the safety of a loved one’s embrace. It is an energy in your soul that is channelled according to your will.

Fire in Mythology

In nature and mythology, fire is often regarded as sacred and represents the conflicting forces of life and destruction. It is a raw power that can be directed into ferocious ruin or life-giving warmth. Examples from mythology include destructive or punishing figures like devils and benevolent ones like Prometheus who stole fire from the Gods to give to humanity or goddesses of the hearth who provide warmth in the home. In nature, fire inevitably evokes feelings of our star, the Sun and with it, the scorching heat of summer, or an endless desert.

Zodiac and Esoteric

Planet: Sol, Mars, Uranus
Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Saggitarius
Birthstone: Bloodstone, Onyx, Citrine

It is also associated with many elemental figures such as demons and imps which are powerful and mischievous. And of course, the phoenix - the bird that burns itself to death and then is reborn from its own ashes.This links the element to it’s use a tool in furnaces and forges to create items by putting them through stress to create something strong and beautiful. While the phoenix represents rebirth, fire as a tool represents revival and strength. 

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The fire element is most compatible with air which gives it the energy it needs to burn hotter and brighter.
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