Breathe Life

The element of Air

The essence of freedom, adrenaline, the spirit of adventure, the anticipation of new discoveries. The element of air is all of these things and more. It represents excitement, spontaneity, chaos, and light-heartedness. A soul free of worries and full of joy and vigour. To be bound with the essence of air is to take risks, be unafraid, and speak your mind. Emotions are fluid and readily revealed so nothing is repressed. Air cannot be caged. It is not hurried or stressed, but carefree and jubilant. Yet, like all things, it has it’s turbulent side exhibited through the forces of nature - gales and tornadoes. 

In nature, similarly to all the primary elements, air represents life, but more so than the others as it is literally present in each breath and provides some of the most vital needs of many entities in our world.

Air in Mythology

In mythology, the element of air is often represented by deities of the four winds. Wind can be described as chaotic but also invigorating and inspiring to the adventurous and curious soul. The winds reach every corner of the earth like a seasoned traveller, always with a new story to tell. They are also often associated with the four seasons and the changes they bring, be they good or bad.

Zodiac and Esoteric

Planets: Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter
Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Birthstone: Agate, Amethyst

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Air is the most compatible with fire as they boost each other’s spirit
and thrive together with wild abandon.
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