Elemental Essences started out as a passion project - just a casual interest - to discover what the wondrous world of smell had to offer. Over time, new scents were discovered, techniques learned, and histories unearthed, that lead to the development of Elemental Essences into something more than just a side-hobby.

Ivan Burduk is a passionate promoter of keeping good smells around you. He completed university degrees in both Chemistry and Chemical Engineering - so is experienced in the art of mixing various ingredients together to achieve a desired result. The main differentiating factor is that now Ivan gets to do this with all-natural compounds, instead of synthetic-lab made chemicals.

Now, Elemental Essences has evolved into a unique experience - the synthesis of one of our most primal senses (smell) and some of humanities most ancient archetypes / associations (water, air, fire, earth).

The purpose is to lower the barrier to the olfactory beauty of the natural world by offering a cheaper, organic alternative to current commercial perfumes - which not only cost hundreds of dollars to purchase, but are loaded with cheap synthetics meaning bottles only cost ~$20 to make!

Ivan continues to hunt for the rarest and most divinely-smelling ingredients, so that he can share them with the world through his creations.

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